Hawaii Lawyers' Fund for Client Protection of the Hawai'i Supreme Court

Filing a Claim

Claim forms are available from the Lawyers' Fund.  Please call our office, or click here for a copy of the Claim forms.  Forms must be completed as thoroughly as possible and signed.  Please return the forms to the Lawyers' Fund and be sure to include at least the following information:

  • The name and address of the attorney.
  • The amount of the loss claimed.
  • The date or period of time during with the alleged loss was incurred.
  • Name and address of the claimant.
  • A general statement of facts relative to the claim.
  • Verification by the Claimant in the form of copies of receipts, cancelled checks, agreements, legal papers filed, and copies of correspondence.

Lawyers' Fund for Client Protection
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ph: 808-521-4591

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